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"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The changemakers adjust the sails.” I feel honored and grateful that I got the opportunity to bring the Hult Prize at NIT Hamirpur and contribute to the world's largest student movement towards social change. Hult Prize is an excellent opportunity for students to hone their skillset and make a global impact with their startup ideas. I, along with my team are committed to providing the student leaders with the opportunity to use their knowledge, talent and passion in pursuit of creating a positive impact across the globe. I wish all the teams participating in Hult Prize NITH all the very best and hope that this event will take them a step closer to their dream of becoming global changemakers."

Win $1,000,000

Win $1,000,000
in startup funding



Your 2022 challenge is to create two-thousand jobs by 2024 by thinking global and acting local!

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Herat University

748 teams registered


Afghan Swiss

707 teams registered


Al-Azhar University - Gaza

678 teams registered


Kabul University of Medical Sciences

584 teams registered


Kabul University

581 teams registered


Daffodil International University

528 teams registered

Our Judges

Ankit Kawatra

Ankit Kawatra

Director of Zomato Feeding India

Director Zomato Feeding India | Forbes 30 u 30 | Queen's Young Leader | United Nations Young Leader | National Youth Awardee.
Gunajit Brahma

Gunajit Brahma

Director of Anksh Eco-Products Pvt. Ltd

National Enterpreneurship Award Winner (2016-17)| Co Founder of Farmeasy Pvt. Ltd | Mentor and Volunteer at My world My choice Org.
Anubha Maneshwar

Anubha Maneshwar

Founding Director of GirlScript Foundation

Social Entrepreneur | TEDx and PyCon US Speaker | Forbes Asia Under 30 | Indian Women Leadership Excellence Award Smart India Hackathon.
Agnishwar Jayaprakash

Agnishwar Jayaprakash

Director of Agni Group

Marketing expert | Founded Ignite-nationwide platform for students to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in high schools and colleges | UN youth Ambassador who visions in empowering the students of the country with the 17 SDGs set by the United Nations.
Rakesh Mishra

Rakesh Mishra

Director of Startup Gameplanning

Co-Founder of IIT Mentors | BRS Awardee | Freelancer at Forge Accelerator | Member of Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry | Rakesh Mishra is an active early stage angel investor and Startup incubation expert closely working with the startup ecosystems in India. He has personally mentored more than 1500 startups.
Dr. GV Ramanjaneyulu

Dr. GV Ramanjaneyulu

Executive Director At Centre for Sustainable Agriculture

Pronounced speaker at TEDx conferences and Satyamev Jayate | Directorate of Oilseeds Research Scientist.

Organizing Committee

In a few short years, the Hult Prize has become one of the most prestigious student competitions in existence today, offering teams unparalleled opportunities and resources. With the goal of educating and engaging students at its core, this truly international prize has created a platform to support the launch of social enterprises that are tackling seemingly intractable global challenges.

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