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Meet President Clinton & attend the CGI annual meeting and 25 more reasons to become a Hult Prize@ Campus Director


  • Be the official spokesperson
  • Leave your mark on the world
  • Introduce social change
  • Launch disruptive start-ups


  • Career mentoring
  • Internship with Clinton Foundation
  • Full time job with Hult Prize
  • CGI Annual Meeting ticket


  • Picture with President Clinton
  • Win a trip to New York
  • Meet Muhammad Yunus
  • Tickets to VIP Events

Become a Campus Director and bring Hult Prize to your university

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Launching university events around the world

In a few short years, the Hult Prize has become the world’s largest student competition. As the most prestigious award on the planet for the creation of new social enterprises, we are expanding our footprint in our quest to tackle the world’s most pressing issues. Each event organized on your campus will provide teams with unparalleled opportunities and resources to have impact, including support through an international community of change agents and

$1,000,000 in start-up capital

Launch Your


Win Funding
& Support

Help your university teams bypass 20,000 applications and fast track to US$1,000,000 in start up funding

Hult Prize @ gives you an opportunity to host a local Hult Prize event on campus, allowing the winning team to bypass the traditional application process and fast track their idea through one of five regional final rounds of competition. The program allows more students to compete around the world, leading to more ideas and ultimately more start-ups, each poised for radical impact. For the past three years, we have seen the number of global finalists coming out of Hult Prize@ events growing rapidly. In fact, in 2015 and 2016, five out of six global finalists came from the Hult Prize@ initiative, and both the 2014 and 2016 Hult Prize Global Champions heralded from Hult Prize@ campuses.

Hult Prize@

Oct 1st - Dec 16th

  • Bypass 20,000 applicants
  • Compete on campus
  • Winner advances to Regional Finals
  • Fast track your ideas
  • 100+ events worldwide
Regional Finals

March 3-4

  • Pitch to be a regional finalist
  • Compete in 1 of 5 locations
  • 100 world class judges
  • Win a spot at the Hult Prize Accelerator & 1 year membership to CGI
  • Meet like-minded entrepreneurs around world
  • Award reception, gala dinner & after party

July - August

  • Build your prototype
  • 7 week bootcamp style incubation program
  • Top global innovation consulting firm
  • Business model development
  • Investment opportunities
  • Pitch practice
  • Constant mentorship by game-changing entrepreneurs
  • Top notch facilities
CGI Final

September, 2017

  • Win $1,000,000 to change the world
  • Hosted by President Bill Clinton
  • Pitch in front of world leaders at the CGI annual meeting
  • Network with leading entrepreneurs, investors & heads of state
  • Back stage access with President Bill Clinton
  • Exclusive access to CGI events across New York city

Competing in Hult Prize is easy and does not require an idea to get started


    the President’s


    your school's event
    & register your team


    your start-up idea


    to regional finals

Not interested in hosting Hult Prize event on campus, you can still compete in Hult Prize by completing the General Application

Check out the amazing people who have participated as judges and some of the great organizations that have sponsored Hult Prize@ events around the world


meet this year's campus directors from around the world who are driving change

Shawntel Nicole Nieto

Ateneo de Manila University

Director: Shawntel Nicole Nieto

Connor Sheldon-Modrow

Boise State University

Director: Connor Sheldon-Modrow

Ahmed Zaa'ter

Cairo University

Director: Ahmed Zaa'ter

Patchanok Koychusakun

California College of the Arts

Director: Patchanok Koychusakun

Thu Pham

Earlham College

Director: Thu Pham

Sonia Messaoudi

Florida Gulf Coast University

Director: Sonia Messaoudi

Jessica Rameau

Florida International University

Director: Jessica Rameau

Esha Patil

IIT Kharagpur

Director: Esha Patil

Monserrat Padilla Martiñón

Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México

Director: Monserrat Padilla Martiñón

Udebuana Oscar Obiora

Lagos State University

Director: Udebuana Oscar Obiora

Hassan Mohamed Toziri

Moshi Co-operative University

Director: Hassan Mohamed Toziri

Kevin Lanya Murunga

Multimedia University of Kenya

Director: Kevin Lanya Murunga

Diego Sandoval

New York University Abu Dhabi

Director: Diego Sandoval

Arman Nur

North South University

Director: Arman Nur

Sidney Muhangi

Rhodes University

Director: Sidney Muhangi

Julia Mut

Stockholm School of Economics

Director: Julia Mut

Fedi Regaieg

Tunis El Manar University

Director: Fedi Regaieg

Arlen Aurora Euan Martínez

Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro

Director: Arlen Aurora Euan Martínez

Connie Juliet García Zepeda

Universidad de Guadalajara

Director: Connie Juliet García Zepeda

Ratna Suryani Gandana

Universitas Indonesia

Director: Ratna Suryani Gandana

Olorunjuwon Bello

University of Ilorin

Director: Olorunjuwon Bello

Elie M. Mandela

University of Rwanda

Director: Elie M. Mandela

Mark Jeyaraj

University of Sydney

Director: Mark Jeyaraj

Tina-Marie Assi

University of Toronto

Director: Tina-Marie Assi

Luka Šipic

VERN University of Applied Sciences

Director: Luka Šipic

Sydney Ginsberg

Yale University

Director: Sydney Ginsberg

All university and campus locations are open for application.
Not interested in hosting Hult Prize on your campus, then visit our general application form

Your questions answered

What is the Hult Prize?

The Hult Prize is a student competition, open to undergraduates, graduate and PhD students from around the world. Teams compete to create a start-up that will help tackle a critical social challenge. The winning team receives one million dollars in seed capital to launch and scale their company.

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